The word community comes from an ancient etymology that means: the act of preparing the land for crops. It is the definitive understanding that, it is a harvest, created by way of tilling, caring, nurturing, and being a watchful guardian who promotes the best possible growth of what is sown. Projekt1201 (TM) is a return to the work it takes to reach the harvest, to what nurtures the soul of our humanity through integrative reasoning that makes one whole, what encourages its growth and development, its MASTERTRANSFORM and ASCEND (TM) aspects of living within divine posterity.  

We aim to move those feeling left behind forward, through a process of Value Based Living (VBL,) where they begin to exist from an origin perspective steeped in systemic behaviors that flow from an innate divinity. In this manner, they can more profoundly resonate with their surrounding world — and finally come into full bloom: utilizing important and essential tools of discipline, principles, and pillars — aligning with the ancient sanskrit meaning of being alive, which is to master the physical world through spiritual insight. Our constant interaction is to help those in need to use what talents they are imbued with, to create masterpiece results using more creative energy that expands their LIFE FORCE toward continuous divine manifestation.

Projekt1201 (TM) is a very necessary and meaningful step in THAT direction.