About Us


WE EXIST to fulfill the goals of Projekt1201: a community endeavor that inspires people toward their DIVINE origins. Put simply, we resolve the conflicts of inner turmoil, so that communities can engage in cooperative solutions that bind effort over disunity. In this endeavor, we are uniquely distinguished by five premium eco-friendly brands, identified as 1201Group, all relating to the FIVE ELEMENTS:

Not Broken Beyond Repair (TM) — (Earth)

Nervicia (TM) — (Fire)

Social Poets (TM) — (Water)

Metaphor & Allegory (TM) — (Air) 


Projekt1201 GOALS

Immediately, 25% of our profits fuel Projekt1201, as well as various other philanthropic ventures that help to benefit what brings lasting change to communities worldwide. Through these scholarships of social enterprise, we are able to address specific needs that help to promote the concept of community, where individuals can actuate more toward essential character, an important social development that achieves more useful and effective citizenry. 



We are committed to providing you with the absolute best quality of eco-wear that inspires you to live beyond limitation of mind, governed by a personal eco-ideology called R-SG3, a “first do no harm,” philosophy to combat waste, landfill overpopulation, and various other disturbing behaviors fashion is known for. 

You’re going to absolutely love what you see, touch, feel and wear from our collections — something you’ll be proud to own — guaranteed! That's what you'll ALWAYS get from Society1201, where responsible craftsmanship and manufacturing drive and maintain ethically sourced products, and where meaningful design go hand in hand.

So, WELCOME to our very definitive collection of eco-wear, the best of what is offered, simply because it is. Welcome to Society1201: “where being different makes all the difference.”